What we do

We put the needs of the locals first. We are committed to creating a convenience culture built on innovation, satisfaction and a customer-centric approach. In addition to our extensive range of premium fuel products and lubricants, many of our retail sites are equipped with food & beverage outlets, Barista-style coffee, convenience products, automotive services and Car Wash facilities.

Service Station & Convenience Stores

No two regions are the same, and so understanding local communities is vital to retail success. That’s why we recruit local people who understand their markets well: providing us valuable insights into the products and facilities their community needs.

As well as our extensive range of fuel products, Speedway provides a wide range of convenience to customers through:

Lubricants & Oils

As well as premium fuel products, we stock a comprehensive range of lubricants, engine oils, coolants, detergents and fluids for all types of vehicles.


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Premium Fuels

Information on our fuels can be found on our Fuels page here

Auto Garage

Our service workshops are your one-stop-shop for all of your mechanical needs. Our industry-trained auto technicians provide a comprehensive set of services, including but not limited to:



To learn more about our additional services, use our Speedway Finder to find your nearest Speedway Mechanic.


Some Speedway locations are equipped with a Carwash. We guarantee a safe, scratch-free wash that will leave your car clean & polished every time. All of our car washes are environmentally friendly and water-conscious. 


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Food & Barista-Style Coffee

We’re a refuelling stop for more than just your vehicle. Unwind and recharge with locally-sourced sandwiches, hot pies and sausage rolls, cakes and Barista-made coffee at select Speedway locations. 


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Each month, Speedway brings customers store promotions on your favourite drinks, chips, ice-creams and confectionary items. Promotions are updated here each month. 


Use our Speedway Finder to find a Speedway near you.


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