Accelerate Your Journey: Welcome to Speedway Warabrook!

Attention, Warabrook! Prepare for an exciting new chapter in your travels because Speedway proudly introduces the brand-new Speedway Warabrook, located at Shop 9/3 Angophora Dr, Warabrook NSW!

Situated at this prime location in the heart of Warabrook, our latest addition isn’t just a petrol station—it’s a hub designed to enhance your journey. With top-quality fuel options and a diverse array of convenience items, Speedway Warabrook is set to redefine your stop into an adventure.

Come experience the difference at Speedway Warabrook! Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and welcoming experience as you refuel and recharge. Let’s make your journeys more memorable, starting right here at Speedway Warabrook! #DriveWithSpeedway

Rev Your Engines, Wollongong: Speedway’s Grand Arrival!

Hold on to your seatbelts, Wollongong – Speedway has landed, and the excitement is hitting full throttle! Our newest pit stop, Speedway Wollongong, isn’t just a petrol station; it’s your ticket to premium fuels and convenience.

Fuel up on top-quality petrol and dive into a world where every visit to Speedway Wollongong is a joyride. Modern facilities, friendly faces, and a turbocharged lineup of snacks make this more than just a pit stop – it’s your gateway to seamless journeys and driving delight.

Buckle up as Speedway transforms your ordinary stop into a haven of possibilities. Join us at Speedway Wollongong! 🚗💨 #DriveWithSpeedway

Introducing Speedway Sunnyholt: Your Premier Stop for Fuel and Convenience in NSW

We’re thrilled to unveil Speedway Sunnyholt, the newest addition to our expanding network of independent fuel stops. Situated in Blacktown NSW, Speedway Sunnyholt is your go-to destination for fuel, convenience, and exceptional service.

At Speedway Sunnyholt, we understand the importance of providing a one-stop-shop experience for our valued customers. Whether you’re a truck driver, a local resident, or a traveler passing through, we have a range of services and amenities to meet your needs.

Fuel up with confidence at Speedway Sunnyholt, where we offer top-quality fuel options, including diesel, to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our state-of-the-art pumps are designed for efficiency, ensuring a quick and reliable fueling experience.

In addition to fuel, Speedway Sunnyholt provides a wide selection of convenience items to make your journey more comfortable. From snacks, drinks, and fresh food options to travel essentials and automotive supplies, we have everything you need right at your fingertips.

What sets Speedway Sunnyholt apart is our commitment to exceptional service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you with a smile, ensuring that your visit is a pleasant one. We strive to create a clean and welcoming environment, making Speedway Sunnyholt the preferred stop for all your fuel and convenience needs.

Whether you’re a truck driver in need of reliable diesel fuel or a traveler seeking convenience on the road, make Speedway Sunnyholt your premier stop in NSW. Experience the difference that our quality products, range of services, and dedicated customer care can make in your journey.

Visit Speedway Sunnyholt today and discover why we’re the destination of choice for fuel and convenience in NSW.

Introducing Speedway Sunshine: Adding a little Sunshine to Your Journey.

Speedway is delighted to announce the opening of Speedway Sunshine, the newest addition to our rapidly growing network of independent fuel and convenience stations. Situated in the heart of Victoria, Speedway Sunshine is set to become a vital hub for travellers and locals alike, offering top-notch fuel, Barista coffee, convenience items, and a warm welcome.

At Speedway, we understand that a petrol station isn’t just a place to refuel; it’s a destination where people can recharge, grab a quick bite, and connect with fellow travellers. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring Speedway Sunshine into the fold. With its modern facilities, friendly staff, and commitment to outstanding customer service, Speedway Sunshine is poised to become an essential stop on your journey.

Located in the vibrant Sunshine community, Speedway Sunshine is designed to cater to the needs of the local residents and the countless travellers passing through. Our team at Speedway Sunshine has gone above and beyond to create a clean and welcoming environment where you can take a break, refuel the car and the body, and stock up on essentials.

And if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Speedway franchise, this is your chance to join a winning team. With Speedway Sunshine being the first of two locations in Victoria and our network continues to grow, we’re actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs to be part of our success story. Reach out to us today to explore the exciting opportunities available with Speedway.

Welcoming Speedway Earlwood and Speedway Wenty to the Family!

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of two new Speedway franchises in the Sydney area: Speedway Earlwood and Speedway Wentworthville! As part of our growing network, these new locations will provide premium fuels, snacks, drinks, and other essentials for drivers and travelers in the area. These new locations are run by experienced and dedicated owners who share our values and vision for customer service. They have worked hard to create inviting and modern facilities that reflect the local communities they serve. 

If you’re interested in becoming a Speedway franchisee yourself, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always looking for passionate and committed business owners who share our values and want to join our growing, independent network. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Speedway franchisee. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to serving you at Speedway Earlwood and Speedway Wenty!

Revving up for the future.

Speedway is excited to welcome in the next generation of leaders, ready to steer our network to new heights.

As we embrace this new era, we are eager to see the impact they will make and the advancements they will bring to the company. Let’s gear up for an exciting future together as we aim for the checkered flag of success.

Snacks by Speedway — Coming Soon to UberEats!

We’re excited to announce that Speedway is partnering with UberEats to bring you your favourite chips, drinks, choccies, & ice-cream, along with everyday essentials such as milk and bread.

Stay comfy and order online with Snacks by Speedway — delivered right to your doorstep. Coming soon.


New Speedways — Welcome to the Family

2020 may have been a rollercoaster of a year, but nothing will get in the way of our growing Speedway family. This year, Speedway welcomed Austral, Cabramatta and Roseville to our developing network. More places to refill, restock & refuel.

Speedway Petroleum is committed to working with good people and expanding a brand that champions local, Australian business. Click here to find out more

Our Covid-19 Policy

The safety and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers and the broader community is our utmost priority, and so we remain focused on maintaining safe, compliant and reliable operations.

Speedway sites have implemented additional safety measures including wiping fuel pump and dispenser handles with disinfectant, increasing sanitising procedures in-store and on the forecourt, ensuring employees are washing their hands regularly, and encouraging the use of contactless forms of payment such as Pay-wave.

Please do your part by maintaining 1.5 metres between each other at all times. This includes in the store and on the driveway. We will get through this together.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you soon.